Dan Brindley

University of Oregon

Capturing a university's culture in a thirty-second spot is challenging, especially when you take as much pride in being "weird" as you do in being a college football powerhouse. Broadcast nationally.

University of Oregon - Be Bold

In order to showcase the school's culture for prospective students, we captured moments where students are. Instead of the sweeping campus fly-overs, we took a more guerrilla approach – keeping the team lean and moving, we were able to interact with moments on campus as they occurred naturally and organically.

Director: Andrew Cutraro



UO – You Will

As a second to the UO Be Bold spot, You Will puts prospective students in the role of a current UO student. Going through the day to explore all of the weird, exciting, unique-to-UO details that equip UO students to change the world. We wrote a custom music track and recorded our own instrumentation.

Dan Brindley – CD
Nate Woodard – writer
Devon Hill – DP
Adam Reichmann – editor

Writer / Keys – Brent Johnson
Vocals / Guitar – Adam Reichmann
Trombone – Dan Brindley
Trumpet – Justin Ellis
Drums – Vijoy Rao