Dan Brindley

U.S. Soccer – Recognize to Recover

Concussions are not visible injuries, which makes them difficult to recognize. Like wind – even though it isn’t visible, there’s still evidence that it exists and can do great damage. The video follows a player from a collision on the field through the journey of recognition, recovery and clearance to play. Weaving between reality and what takes place in the player’s mind, we see how both the physical and mental symptoms of concussions have very real effects. 

Tom Hudder – ECD
Jim Mayfield – GCD
Dan Brindley – CD
Nick Holder – writer
Mike Kuhn – editor
Jenny Vatterott – producer
Cassie Parker – producer

Director – Sämen
Photography – Paul Nordmann

U.S. Soccer - Wind (R2R: Concussions)




U.S. Soccer - Wind (R2R: Concussions) :30




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